Elevate Your Web Projects with form2Sheets

Fed up with manual data management for your HTML Forms? Step into the future of seamless integration with form2sheets, your gateway to turning Google Forms into integral components of your website.

Why Choose form2sheets for Your Site's Forms?

Real-Time Data Integration 🚀

Enjoy the convenience of Google Forms seamlessly embedded into your website, handling data collection and responses in real-time.

Seamless Website Integration 🌐

Craft and customize the HTML code to ensure your forms harmonize perfectly with your website's design and functionality.

Automated Data Sync 📈

Keep your data up-to-date as form responses are automatically synchronized with Google Sheets.

Developer-Centric 💻

form2sheets is developer-friendly, providing you with the flexibility and tools to integrate forms effortlessly.

Security Assured 🔒

Trust in the robust security of Google's infrastructure to safeguard your data.

Streamlined Workflow 🎯

Simplify your processes with the ability to streamline data from Google Forms directly into your preferred applications or databases.

How it works


Create a Google Form

Visit to design your form with all necessary fields, and then copy the URL for sharing.


Paste your Google Form link

Simply paste your Google Form link into the form2sheets tool.


Generate the HTML code

Generate the HTML code provided by form2sheets and embed it directly into your website or application.

Ready to Make Google Forms Part of Your Website?

Begin your journey with form2sheets today and empower your website with seamless form integration. Bid farewell to manual data entry, and say hello to forms that effortlessly become a part of your site's core functionality.

Don't wait – turn your Google Forms into powerful site tools with form2sheets!

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